В Карибском регионе не так уж много мест для настоящего рафтинга. Однако в горных районах Доминиканской Республики есть реки, которые стремительно несут свои воды вниз, к морю, с самых вершин. Рафтинг-экскурсия по самой длинной реке в Карибском регионе Яке-дель-Норте, с отправлением из Харабакоа — это незабываемый опыт путешествия по нашей стране, который не оставит вас равнодушным.

Вы можете отправиться на экскурсию в любое время года, однако лучше заниматься рафтингом летом, когда уровень воды достаточно высок.

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Доминиканская Респблика

Самая длинная река, проходящая через центральную часть страны, дарит вам уникальный шанс заняться рафтингом на Карибах.

Отправляйтесь на захватывающую рафтинг-экскурсию из Харабакоа по порогам Яке-дель-Норте — самой протяженной реки на территории Доминиканской Республики. Любуйтесь ее окрестностями, проплывая мимо зеленых берегов и каньонов.


#Repost @fccaupdates  “It’s a cruiseworthy day in the Dominican Republic today. With two ships in Amber Cove and two in Taino Bay, approximately 13,500 cruise ship passengers are enjoying all the charms and experiences beautiful Puerto Plata has to offer. Happy sailing!” 🇩🇴🛳️  📷: @fccaupdates
#GoDomRep #MyDR #PuertoPlata
The absence of features of the faceless dolls represents the mix of Taíno, African and European cultures that constitute our Dominican heritage. 🇩🇴  They come in a variety of designs reflecting the creativity of the artisans, who are making the effort so that the tradition of their elaboration continues with new generations and that they continue to innovate. 🎨  Have you seen these beautiful handicrafts? What is your favorite design?  📷: @latierrabonitard
#GoDomRep # MyDR #DominicanRepublic
Mofongo is a dish of traditional Caribbean cuisine of African influence prepared by mashing fried or roasted green plantain, crispy slow roasted pork belly and garlic. 😋🍽️ 
From this popular dish have emerged several variants, such as cassava, cheese, ripe plantain, shrimp and crab meat, among others, where each place highlights its creativity and local ingredients to make it unique. 🧀🦐🦀  Have you tried this delicious dish? Which one is your favorite?  📷: @jacquelinchefrd
#GoDomRep # MyDR #DominicanRepublic
Have you tried sancocho?🍲  It’s one of Dominican Republic’s most iconic dishes and is typically made for family gatherings. Every recipe is different, but typically incorporates root vegetables and a variety of meats and seasonings.  What’s your favorite Dominican dish?🍛🫔  #GoDomRep #MyDR #DominicanGastronomy
Constanza is the perfect place to disconnect from the outside world and connect with the experiences that nature gives us.🌻  Explore this idyllic place located at the top of a mountain and fall in love with everything the Dominican Republic has to offer. 🌿🌞  📸@mochileraporelmundo @fresas_ariyama
#GoDomRep #MyDR #Constanza
The Dominican Republic is a haven for marine life, including our beloved humpback whales, who come on vacation each year. There is a wide array of blue flag certified beaches throughout the country for you to enjoy.  🌊🐳
On this World Beach Clean Up Day we ask you to keep our beaches unspoiled for your next visit and generations to come. Only leave behind new connections and memorable experiences.    🏖🧹
Which actions would you take to keep our oceans clean? ♻️🌊  📹: “Keep the beaches clean” by @plasticchange 
 #GoDomRep #MyDR #WorldBeachCleanUpDay
Imagine your mornings starting with a cup of 100% cacao chocolate and a view like this?🤩  You can make it happen in Dominican Republic!🙌🌿  📸: @quehacerenconstanza @mountainviewcafe
#GoDomRep #MyDR #Constanza
Planning your Dominican Republic bucket list? From hiking trails to undiscovered beaches and cultural activities, there is so much more to Dominican Republic than meets the eye🌄🌞  Are you ready to have it all in just one place?🙌  📹: @andomrep @todo.dominicana 
#GoDomRep #MyDR #Miches
Views like this make you appreciate the simple things in life that make it so special. Breathe in the fresh air and behold the vibrant colors in the marvelous mountains around you. 🌄  The José del Carmen Ramírez National Park is home to the Blanco River Canyon and the Mirador de la Cordillera Central hiking trails, in the San Juan de la Maguana province. 🏞️  Tag someone who would love hiking there.  📷: @jeffrynunez @hector_ceballos
#GoDomRep #MyDR #DominicanRepublic
You deserve exploring places of astonishing beauty and to have extraordinary adventures. You deserve it all and Dominican Republic has it. 🤩🏖️  #GoDomRep #MyDR #DominicanRepublic

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