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Rum and cigars go hand in hand in the Dominican Republic, where the fertile soil produces some of the world’s best tobacco, and abundant sugar cane. Dominican premium tobacco brands are award winning, including La Aurora, Romeo y Julieta, and La Flor Dominicana. If you’re able, join the annual Pro-Cigar Festival to fully enjoy the breadth of the Dominican cigar, with entertainment along the way. But whether you’re visiting in the summer or winter season, there’s always an opportunity to tour one of the DR’s top cigar factories, in-city or on their plantations, from Punta Cana, La Romana, Santiago, or Puerto Plata, among other hubs. Along your explorations, particularly in Santo Domingo and Santiago, stop in at a cigar lounge, and kick back with your choice of dark or white rum, from Brugal to Barceló, Bermúdez, or Macorís brands.

For more history on Dominican rum and cigars, visit the Rum and Tobacco Museum in the Colonial City, and hop on a tour of the Brugal Rum Factory in Puerto Plata.

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Dominican Republic

Tour a cigar factory in the hills of Santiago, or kick back with a puro post-meal at a cigar bar in Santo Domingo.

Visit the historical center of one of the top rum brands in the country. Know the history of rum making in DR, its role in the culture, Barceló’s manufacturing process, tour the rum barrel storage areas, get to taste the various Barceló varieties of rum.
Juan Dolio
The largest producer of traditionally made rum in the DR since 1888 offers tours of the distillery, including rum tasting and the chance of purchasing well-priced premium rums.
Puerto Plata
Founded in 1992, Don Lucas Cigars remains one of the highest quality, small-scale hand rolled cigar makers in the DR. Watch and learn the hand rolling process, before tasting a puro of your choosing.
Punta Cana
Founded in 1903, Santiago’s renowned La Aurora is the country’s number one producer and exporter of premium cigars. Walk around the cigar making floors, watching the intricate hand rolling process, and learn how to roll, hold, and smoke your own puro along the way.
Established in Santiago in 1996 and consistently ranked among the top 25 best in the world, with multiple award-winning cigars; you can tour this boutique company’s beautiful factory facility. Go from its rolling room to the leaf stripping, fermenting and aging rooms.
A boutique cigar factory, PDR produces over five million hand-rolled cigars a year at their factory in Tamboril, just outside of Santiago where most of the DR’s cigar factories are located.
The largest handmade cigar factory in the world, Tabacalera García is known for making some of the DR’s award-winning cigar brands. Watch the perfected hand rolling methods, and learn about the tobacco processing from leaf to product.
Bayahíbe, La Romana
A popular stop on excursions through the area, Tubano’s cigar factory is another excellent place to watch the cigar-rolling process up close–prepare to be amazed at how fast and skillfully it is done–while learning all about the manufacturing process.


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Playa Diamante is a piece of paradise situated in Cabrera in the north coast of the island. 🌴🌊
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Everything stops when you see this beautiful sunset in Santo Domingo🌅
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Raise your hands if you’re down for a coconut in Puerto Plata city🙋🏼🥥
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Ten minutes from downtown Jarabacoa, La Confluencia is where the Jimenoa and Yaque del Norte rivers merge and create mini pools amid the rocks. 🏞🍃  Are you willing to explore it with your friends? #GoDomRep #OpenDR #Jarabacoa
Disconnect in the core of the Caribbean jungle. 🌴🍃  @dominicantreehousevillage is the right place to connect with nature and enjoy the spectacular canopy view from a zipline, great hikes, a refreshing river swim and a cozy bonfire to end your adventure-filled day.🪴🌞 #godomrep #OpenDR #Samana
Santo Domingo is the city of firsts! In this picture, we can appreciate El Alcázar de Colón, the former residence of Diego Columbus, 2nd Viceroy of the Indies who arrived in Santo Domingo in July 1509.  Isn’t it beautiful? 🤩 
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It’s hard not to fall in love with Dominican Republic with views like that🥰🌊
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Considered one of the most important colonial military structures in the Caribbean, Fortaleza de San Felipe is a must when visiting the Dominican Republic!🇩🇴
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There’s a spot waiting for you in Cayo Arena🌞 What are you waiting for?
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Looking for a perfect location for a socially distant getaway? Look no further than Barahona🙌 Breathtaking sunsets and impressive vistas are the cherry on top for your relaxing vacation🌞
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