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See large domesticated fish in their natural habitat as they swarm around the coral gardens in this aquarium off the Grand Paradise Resort in Las Galeras.
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The scenic Samaná Bay wins over every photographer’s eye. This seaside promenade is the heart and pulse of the town of Santa Bárbara de Samaná. Residents and visitors relax on shaded benches facing the bay waters to take in views of anchored boats, ready to whisk visitors and fishers.
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The oldest building in Santa Bárbara de Samaná and a cultural heritage site, this 18th century wooden church was built by freed African-Americans. To this day, La Churcha practices the African Methodist Episcopal faith, and its attendees are descendants of African Americans.
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This remote fishing village is home to a handful of the DR’s most beautiful beaches, including the world-ranked Playa Rincón. Daytime crowds flock here to hop on a boat excursion to Playa Rincón, Playa Madama, and Playa Frontón.
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Las Terrenas is the perfect blend of a dreamy beach village and a cosmopolitan town. Its waterfront boasts multiple stunning beaches, as well as a variety of small hotels, bistros, apparel and arts and crafts boutiques, and lively bars.
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You’ll learn why the Dominican Republic’s northeastern coast is one of the most important humpback whale sanctuaries in the world. Exhibits include the full, 40-foot skeleton of a humpback whale found in 1993 along the rocky coastline between Santa Bárbara de Samaná and Las Galeras.
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Smack in the heart of Las Terrenas, Pueblo de los Pescadores was originally the main landing site for the area’s fishermen. Over time, this beachfront evolved into a hub of seafront entertainment with its colorful row of trendy restaurants and bars.
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Hugging a breathtaking bay dotted with sailboats and flanked by verdant bluffs, this small waterfront hub retains its fishing traditions, but it’s also an eco-tourism destination thanks to the yearly visit of humpback whales. History and culture are also reflected in the diverse population, cuisine, and architecture.
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