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Signature Dominican Experiences

The Dominican Republic offers sustainable community tourism with  rich cultural and agricultural experiences for visitors. Chocolate and coffee production can be explored throughout the country providing immersive experiences. When you visit the countryside, you will witness Dominican genuine hospitality at its best. People go out of their way to make you feel at home. Seeing their slow-paced way of life will change your perspective and get you to appreciate the simple things that make life much greater.

Rum and cigars go hand in hand in the Dominican Republic, where the fertile soil produces some of the world’s best tobacco, and abundant sugar cane. Dominican premium tobacco brands are award winning, including Arturo Fuente, La Aurora, Romeo y Julieta, and La Flor Dominicana. Tour one of the DR’s top cigar factories, in-city or on their plantations, from Punta Cana, La Romana, Santiago, or Puerto Plata, among other hubs. Stop in at a cigar lounge, and kick back with your choice of dark or white rum, from Brugal to Barceló, Bermúdez, or Macorís brands. For more history on Dominican rum, hop on a tour of the Brugal Rum Factory in Puerto Plata or the Barceló Rum Historical Center near Juan Dolio.

Dominican Carnival, celebrated in various cities and regions, is a vibrant showcase of its culture and identity. Colorful parades, costumes, masks, and mythical characters reflect the country's diverse folkloric heritage. Every Sunday during the month of February, colorful parades take place in every major city and region around the DR–some extending through the first week of March. Costumes, masks, and mystical characters are distinct to each area and reveal Dominican folkloric traditions and beliefs, as diverse as the country’s population.