Getting Here

Entry Requirements

Most visitors arriving by air to the Dominican Republic–including those from the US, Canada, Great Britain, the European Union, Mexico, many South American countries, Japan, Israel, and South Korea (see the full list of countries here)–only need a valid passport to enter the country. Starting April 25, 2018, the cost of the tourist card will be included in airline tickets and you will no longer need to purchase one separately.

Consult this complete list for citizens who need to request a Tourist Visa at Dominican consulates abroad. Be sure to always check for up-to-date requirements before traveling.

If staying beyond 30 days, expect an additional fee upon departure–determined on a sliding scale according to the total length of your stay. See the applicable fees here, to be paid at the airport’s immigration section–after check-in and past security–upon departure.

There is also a US$20 departure tax required by law, but this is always included in your airfare.


You are allowed to bring the following into the Dominican Republic:

  1. A maximum of 20 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars, or 200 grams of tobacco; and
  2. Up to three (3) liters total of wine, beer, rum, whisky, or liquor.
  3. You may also bring in gifts of a value of up to US$500 (five hundred United States dollars) once every three months.

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